Monday, 17 Dec 2018
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Baffle Stainless Filter

Baffle Stainless

To reduce fire hazards while promoting kitchen sanitation, Self-training GREASE-GUARD Mesh or Baffle type grease filters are the perfect choice. Heavy duty aluminum or stainless steel construction and a unique design give these grease filters high effective flame arrestor capabilities with 96% average grease removing efficiency. It provide an efficient, economical and convenient way to reduce grease and help maintain kitchen range hood. The main objective is to protect motors and blower, and prevent fire.


Grease filters (baffle type)
with long durability


Separation of grease dust water vapors oil mist vapors which can condense prefractionator for coarse dust, also with concentrations of >20 mg/m3


Stainless frame with rigid installed, convexly formed
Stainless baffles which overlap each other for permanent turning round of the air flow. In the concavely formed frame there are holes for dropping off in order to ensure removing of separated, liquid or condensed contaminations.


Due to the permanent turning round of the air flow and resulting from the inerting effect as well as from
the condensation effect of the exiting baffle the contaminations in the air flow are dissolved.


Definite Advantages:

  • high degree of separation.
  • easily to clean. (hot water with warm
    detergent solution)
  • to be installed and dismantled without
  • fire resistant.


50 x 50 x 5 cm.